Pixel Frame 2000

Lately I made some freetime pixel art trials called #8to64. That means you start by 8x8 canvas and create 16, 32 and 64 px advancement of the concept you do. There are beautiful examples all over facebook and instagram. Anyway, since I always prefer CRT screens for pixels on any occasion possible, I decided to create a CRT picture frame that shows 8to64 artworks that called "Pixel Frame 2000". It has a switch that you can change the version of your pixel art from 8 to 64px resolution.

I also created a torned out magazine paper which includes an imaginary advertisement of this device. I made an "halftone" image converter that splits RGB channels to CMYK and creates halftones for the 4 channel and create a printed magazine photo effect.
More about the paper effect:

I made the sketch with Sketchbook Pro on my android tablet, and I created the pixel arts with Pixel Studio on the same tablet.