Height Map Modeling - Multisonic PAW! Substance

This is a procedural 2D texture-driven heightmap modeling project I created with Adobe Substance 3D Designer. I designed an imaginary handheld console by sketching and generated this PBR set to form a similar 3d version. The main idea here is to create an height map to make a flat surface displaced into the form of desired product. And on the same graph, I create normals, roughness, metallic, emissive, basecolor and opacity channels to control rest of the shading. And finally the second plane faced on backwards, and forms the back part of the device. So the both heightmaps generate a closed geometry like you see in the renders.

Hope you like it.

Marmoset Toolbag Animation

Octane Render Animation

Making of - Timelapse

Sketch Timelapse

Reference Sketch

Reference Sketch