Facehugged - Fully Procedural PBR Material

I created one last procedural material about the film Alien. This one is a facehugger that breached through the helmet of of a crew member.

Material can be tweaked by hole size, alien position etc. Material is fully procedural and created with Substance Designer. I only added some paint details to create blending effect between the glass and the helmet in Substance Painter.

Cem tezcan helmet2
Cem tezcan facehugger final 00002
Cem tezcan facehugger final 00003
Cem tezcan facehugger final 00001
Cem tezcan helmet

Facehugger Suit Animation

Procedural Facehugger Material Tweaks

Cem tezcan screenshot000
Cem tezcan screenshot20180306 002

Reference scene from the film (Alien - 1979)

Cem tezcan screenshot20180311 005
Cem tezcan screenshot20180311 003
Cem tezcan screenshot20180311 001
Cem tezcan screenshot20180311 006
Cem tezcan screenshot20180310 003

Timelapse for creating Procedural Facehugger PBR Material

Cem tezcan channels