PI1541 Case Design for RAAT #05 Meeting

PI1541 is a DIY modern emulator of old floppy disk drive named "1541" of Commodore computers, which I modeled before:

Electronic part of PI1541 is designed with Raspberry PI devices. Here is a wiki:

I designed a special "shell" for the sake of an annual meeting of RAAT #05 : The Divine Comedy.

This 5th meeting starts on 29.12.2018 and ends on 30.12.2018 all night in İstanbul / Turkey. RAAT meeting invites limited number of successful people, along with programmers and designers of "scenes", who reached to divine level on retro programming, electronics, sound (SID) and graphic design on its time and now. It stands for "Retrojen Wise Men Meeting".

This is the intro of invitation (invitro) of this year's meeting which is created by "Eins" aka "Delimawi".

RAAT#05 Invitro, La DiViNa CoMedia (Real SID output)