Commodore 64 C - Inside Out Modeling


This is my second attempt which I named as "Inside Out Modeling". First one was Quickjoy Joystick Project which is found here:

This time I modeled my good old Commodore 64 by CAD modeling technique, and painted it with PBR texturing.

I model this kind of plastic/electronic devices by disassembling and taking measures with calipers for maximum resemblance. Then I do UV work in Modo and paint them with Substance Painter.

I uploaded videos of whole bunch of modeling and texture painting timelapses of this piece.

Hope you like it.

Commodore 64C - Assemble Animation

Commodore 64C - Texturing Overview - Substance Painter

Commodore 64C Texture Painting Timelapse

Playlist - All Modeling and Texturing Timelapses