Commodore PX-64 - Reboot Concept

I created another fan concept design tied to the near end of Commodore 64 era. These devices theoretically (and imaginerily) belong to 1993-94 which are made for a one last reboot for Commodore 64 computers.

I made two material approaches. One is SX-64 style metallic - turquoise version, other one is classic breadbin colors.

I occassionally do modeling and manufactural concept design studies with CAD modeling and PBR texturing. I also try to keep the concept for the community that loves those computers.

I will dump so much of renders because this time I really screwed up on selecting ideal angles. I just halved them but still so much image but well, I gave up. Enjoy :)

Modeled with Solidworks
Textured with Substance Painter
UVd and compositioned in Modo
Rendered with Octane for Modo