NURBS to PBR Texture - Emblem of Kazakhstan

I've modeled The State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan for CNC mould production purposes by using Solidworks. Afterwards as a hobby work, I decided to convert the emblem as 8k PBR maps by using Substance Designer. All renders are generated by the textures assigned to 1 polygon surface.

As workflow, first, I've rendered the model with isometric camera in Modo to get Zdepth, AO, alpha and material ID channels. Then I used these maps to generate PBR shaders with substance designer. With the resulting maps I've rendered the model with marmoset viewer and finally with Octane Render.

I've also added the nurbs modeling steps and marmoset viewer realtime capture as videos.

Cem tezcan gerb pbr 00001
Cem tezcan gerb pbr 00007
Cem tezcan gerb pbr 00004
Cem tezcan gerb pbr 00002
Cem tezcan gerb pbr 00006
Cem tezcan gerb pbr 00005
Cem tezcan gerb pbr 00003
Cem tezcan screenshot000

Marmoset Viewer Screenshot

Kazakhstan Emblem (Texture Version 2)

Emblem of Kazakhstan - Modeling Steps

Cem tezcan outline r3

Draft generated by nurbs model

Cem tezcan screenshot20170821 001